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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Brag Books

Please note that this post will remain the first post thruout the month of April! Be sure to see below for new posts!! : )

Book your wedding anytime during the month of April and receive a 5x5, soft cover 20 page Brag Book in any coverage choice!

I am proud to announce the launch of a new product: Brag Books. These are fun-sized (5x5) soft cover or hard cover mini, just-right-for-your-purse albums. You can choose the 20 or 30 page album to display your favorite photos from any event and they are priced nice, too! ; )

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Office News-April 08

Well, almost May office news by now! I can't believe what a terrible blogger I've been lately!! It's just been crazy busy around here and as much as I love blogging, I gotta get my work done first! : )

This is pretty much the happenin' around here right now:

*Ball season in a sense has just finished, but also has just started----wha....t?? Joseph was able to play Middle School and JV ball this year (which started early March) and he's actually just finished his season with that. Miraculously, he did not have to have plastic surgery and his wound is essentially healed!!! woohooo!! He starts the official city league next week--2 games a week! ; )
*We were in Enterprise this past weekend for an AMAZING wedding!!!! I can't wait to show you pictures from that! Look for that next week.
*It's Spring Break this week and Shelby flew to Maryland with Nana (my mom) for a few days to visit my brother and his family. I'm seriously dying of jealousy over that one!
*Joseph's going to the beach for a few days with Grannie (Clark's mom).
*Clark and I are well.....hadn't figured that one out yet.....we gave all the money to the kids! We may take a one-night road trip somewhere???
*We will definitely be back for Leroy's Varsity ballgame Friday--2nd round of State Playoffs. You can check out lots of photos by going to A good friend of ours and a loyal fan of Leroy High School has taken all of the pictures you'll see and put the website together. I love her! Thanks, Laura!
*I've been crazy busy with Senior Sessions (which I am LOVIN') and have been designing albums for them). My seniors are loving the Signature Albums for their friends to sign.
*I'm looking forward to Ashley and Brad's wedding this weekend. I look for it to be tons of fun.
I think that's it for now!

And just so I don't post something without a picture, here's one for ya.
My heart filled with joy and my eyes with tears the first time Joseph put on a baseball uniform this year. God is good.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Melissa | Senior 2008

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


As my wedding season kicks off, I thought it would be fun to let you in on my wedding world abit and share with you a typical workflow for one wedding. As a professional photographer, I often hear from people that "it must be great to only work on Saturday's". MYTH! Working only on Saturday's is far from the truth and this post is inspired by that misconception about wedding photographers.

Now I love what I do-I can't not do it!! But I also have a responsiblity to my clients to treat them as if they are my only clients and to give them the attention they deserve. This includes the ability to work efficiently and as organized as I can and providing them with the highest quality product and customer service. : )

This is the typical workflow for one wedding from the booking process to the final album delivery.

1. Email and phone consultation, create client contract and email, create client personalized folder includes contact info, client needs, coverage, other notes, etc.
2. Mail out ‘Welcome Kit’ to client.
3. General email returns, questions, payment reminders, etc.
4. One month before the wedding email wedding day worksheet.
5. Pre-wedding day consult usually one-two weeks before the wedding day-discuss worksheet and create wedding day photo itinerary and email to client.
6. Other email exchanges for final wedding day details.
7. Make travel/hotel arrangements if necessary.
8. Get all equipment ready for wedding day (charge batteries, format cards, etc.)
9. Wedding Day!! Includes travel/drive time and usually 8-12 hours of photographic coverage.
10. Backup all cards to desktop, external hard drive and portable hard drive. Portable hard drive kept in fire-safe box.
11. Week after-select favorites for blog and slideshow.
12. Choose selected favorites including editing, exporting and resizing images, add framing and watermark. Create slideshow. Upload each to blog and upload to server. Email client.
13. Mail out a special surprise thank-you to my clients to let them know how much I appreciate them allowing me to be a part of such an important day in their life. (Now, I can’t tell you what that is or it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore!) : )
14. Edit and develop keeping only the best of the best images to present to the client. Only the best make the cut and receives the utmost in special attention from me including color and exposure corrections, cropping and creating those amazing artistic images.
15. Create final proof-set includes renaming images and resizing.
16. Upload proofs to server and create online gallery for viewing/ordering.
17. Upload images to printing lab for prints and proof book.
18. Burn backup DVD and add to fire box.
19. Online gallery is active for 2 months. Wait for clients to choose their album favorites. (May include album consult with the client to choose the best images to tell the story of the wedding day).
20. Receive 4x6 proofs and proof book. Package and mail to client.
21. Design album using client’s album picks.
22. Upload album preview to server and email client.
23. Make any needed changes. Communication with client to work out the perfectly designed album.
24. Upload revised album to server and email client.
25. Upload album to album printer.
26. Upon it’s shipment to me, proof album and package.
27. Burn DVD of digital files for clients if included in coverage and print personal print release.
28. Mail entire package to client.

This does not include the day-to-day management and workings of a business including emails, phone calls, marketing, reprint orders, filing, engagement, bridal, family, senior portrait sessions, proofing and album design for portrait sessions, accounting and everything else that would bore you to tears to hear! : )

That's it!!

I hope you're having a great day!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Mimi | Senior 2008

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Darcy and Paul | The Wedding

Ceremony: St. Francis at the Point
Florist: Leigh Taylor
Caterer: Rock CreekPatrick Taylor
Band: Lee Yankie
See lots more in their slideshow!